“The songs were immaculate and precise.” *****

David Allen

“Miami Jim is back, wow that really was an experience !” *****

Kris Powers

“An amazing and authentic reproduction with a few Jim’s antics thrown in made for n extremely entertaining tribute to the Doors.” *****

Julie Mathers


Have a Look – Video shot by Bernie Zelvis at one of our shows

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Unlocking The Doors set out to capture the Shamanistic presence of Jim Morrison, the hypnotic bass lines and swirling keys of Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger’s legato blues inspired guitar modality and John Densmore eclectic fusion of Jazz, Rock and Latin drum beats for the ultimate Doors experience. Unlocking the Doors are four Wollongong based musicians dedicated to capturing the magic of the live performance and sound that was unmistakably The Doors. Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin…….

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Band Members

Chris (John)


Sandy (Ray)


Mick (Robbie)


Richie (Jim)


“There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors”

– Jim Morrison

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  • "And I'll say it again. I need a brand new friend."
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    WOW...What an incredible description of their live performances...
    That's the mind that dazzles, and is gifted with a voice.
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    “A Doors concert is a public meeting called by us for a special kind of dramatic discussion and entertainment. When we perform, we’re participating in the creation of a world, and we celebrate tha...

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    "Wishful. Sinful. Our love is beautiful."
    #unlockingthedoors wishes everyone peace & happiness, but most of all, GET INTO THE DOORS!
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    For anyone who follows Kris Bowers from The DOORS RARE Collection, he's posted these tributes of LA landmarks for The Doors.
    #jimmorrison lived on the rooftop of this apartment block during very early days of #thedoors.
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    Dennis Jakob's apartment where Jim use to live on rooftop

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